Please Remember To Bring in Your Receipts

For those of you who shopped for your patrols for last weekend’s campout, I wanted to say you all did a great job in camping and cooking in some bad weather. Way to tough it out!

Please remember to bring in your receipts to tomorrow’s meeting. When you sit with your patrols, why not discuss with your patrols whether you were within the budget, and did you eat well. The one thing this troop prides itself on is our food!  Just wait until next month!

Here is a link to the troop expense reimbursement form. Please hand the form and the receipts into Ms. Villacci , You can either get a troop check or add it to your scout account to help pay for other trips.

Troop Expense Reimbursement Form

I hope you all had a great time. Thank you.

Mr. Pelis

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