Yawgoog Email 3- Travel Day and other Questions Answered


Important items for the next couple of days:
  • Saturday July 9, 10:00 to 12:00 Trailer Pack-up, uniform inspection, and paperwork finalization day.  Meet at Scoutmaster’s House, 5 Short Court Nesconset.
  • Sunday July 10, 12:00 noon, Troop luncheon at Orient Point Ferry, Pictures and embark on our trip to Yawgoog.
  • Tuesday July 12, Care Package drop off to Mrs. Johnston.
  • Sunday July 19 Return to Orient point 5:00 pm
Trailer Pack-up
Saturday between 10 to 12 we pack the trailer with all the gear you son needs for camp.  Please pack your gear in a duffle bag that can be squished. I usually put my gear in a plastic bag then into my duffle for extra protection from weather.  Trunks are discouraged, due to limited space in the trailer.  Pack a coat hanger for your son to hang his uniform.
All medical forms need to be completed.  This includes a copy of your son’s insurance card (both sides).  The most important part of the form is your contact information.  We don’t expect to use them, our motto- be prepared.  If you haven’t turned you medical in beforehand please bring TWO copies to the trailer pack-up.  No medical form, no camp, Yawgoog has a no exception policy.
Medications,  If you son takes medications you can drop them off at the trailer pack-up.  We will have a table set up and you can discuss your son’s needs with Mr. Spear.  He is in charge of medications.  Please pack the medications in the original container with the dispensing instruction label. Put all medications in a ziplock bag with your son’s name on the outside.
You can set up a “Troop Bank account” at the trailer pack-up.  Remember we can not make change.  If you want to give your son $5 a day we need 7 $5 bills.
The Ferry – Sunday July 10
We meet at 12:00 for lunch and pictures at the snack bar next to the Orient Point ferry terminal.  We board the ferry as a troop.  You must be in Class A uniform.  The ferry takes about hour and half.
When we get to New London we board the Yawgoog buses.  The adults and older scouts will help your son to the bus. Head counts are taken throughout the trip.  The bus ride to camp takes about half hour.
When we get to camp we have “down time”.  This time is used for the scoutmaster to check us in, pay the final bill, and go over each medical form with camp staff.  At 5pm we are allowed to proceed to our campsite.  We empty the trailer, stow our gear and have dinner (Subway Sandwiches).
The Return Ferry- Sunday July 17
 We return Sunday on the 4:00pm boat leaving New London.  we arrive in Orient around ~5:20pm.  We will meet in the parking field to empty the trailer.  Please be very careful in the parking lot, lots of cars lots of scouts walking about.  Do not leave without 1. your son, 2.his gear, 3. troop picture from camp, 4. camp hat, 5. any medications left over for your son.
Tips and Tricks
A couple of tricks I’ve learned.
  1. In addition to the luggage you surrender to the troop trailer, pack a day pack (small cary on back pack) with all the things you forgot.  Like sunscreen, etc.  Add a water bottle, snacks, you get the idea.
  2. wear a tee shirt under your uniform shirt.  Take off your uniform when you get to camp during the “Down Time”.
  3. Keep sugary snacks to a minimum.  Our biggest problem Sunday night stems from too much junk food and upset stomaches.  Use common sense, if you wouldn’t give your son the junk food at home why allow him to suffer at camp.
  4. Homesickness- we expect it. We have strategies to mitigate it. However, we can’t help mom and dad from separation anxiety. We have resources available at camp to call you if you son needs to.
  5. Please instruct your son to talk to the adults in camp if he is having a problem.  We can’t fix what we don’t know.
Troop Traditions 
In it’s 47 years the troop has developed several traditions.  At Yawgoog we continue several traditions that have been refined over the years.
For example:
~Sign out / sign in book.  You son must inform us of his whereabouts at all times. This rule will be explained before entering camp.
~Tuesday night Zepolies
~Wednesday night care packages
~Thursday night Costumes. At dinner scouts can wear costumes to dinner.  This year’s theme is Vikings
~Fridaynight pudding eating contest.
~Saturday night pizza and show
~ rainy day slip-n-slide

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