Ode to a Trailer

Ode to a Trailer

Our Trust stead!

Our Trust stead!

Come, Come, do not be shy,

Yawgoog week is coming nigh,

We gather around the our trusty stead

To bring to Yawgoog all we need!

Our trusty vessel stands in wait,

ready to receive our belongings with open tailgate.

While she will creak and groan, she will not complain,

Because she knows her duty, to lead us on our summer campaign!

Come, Come do not be shy, Yawgoog week will fly right by,

With so many adventures we had,

We have no time to be sad.

Swimming, climbing, and trails to roam,

The Troop turns Yawgoog into its home!

Come, come do not cry, Yawgoog week has flown right by.

With tails of bravery and intrigue galore,

All to be regaled back on Long Island shore.

With stories to tell, and friendships made,

we can hardly believe that that we made the grade.

Farewell, farewell, old trusty friend,

I will see you in September to camp again!

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