Yawgoog #2


Life in camp:

We camp in platform flap tents, pictured below. The tent is heavy canvas with roll down sides. The boys sleep on bunk beds. The racks are made of wood with final stretch over the frame to make a bed. there are 6-8 boys per tent.

We have two campsites, Abe Lincoln and Kit Carson. Our campsite has two fire rings, and one Flush toilet latrine. The latrine has two sides, Kit carson (used only by the boys) and Abe Lincoln (reserved for the Adults in camp). The Dining hall is across the activities field in front of our campsite.

Security in camp:

Every one in camp must be registered with Yawgoog staff. All overnight campers must have a BSA medical form. Adults must wear wrist bands while in camp. 1)We require every scout leaving camp site to sign out in a book, that is located at our command center in camp. 2)We require any scout leaving the camp site to have a buddy. There are no exceptions to these two rules. Violations to this rule forfeits privileges. When in camp, Scout leaders have a reasonable idea where every scout is at all times. Your son will be instructed on the troop’s two rules prior to entering camp.

The Troop Bank –

There are trading posts in Yawgoog. They have all the goodies a scout looks for. It is suggested to bring spending money. How much thats up to you. If your son is taking a craft merit badge the supplies will have a costs, woodcarving ~$3 -5, Leatherwork ~$5-10 basketry ~$30.

If your child is not as Thrifty as you may like him to be, we set up a troop bank. The scout can withdraw money daily from the bank operated by one of the adults in camp. I suggest $5 a day. Please Note: We cannot make change in camp. If you want your son to withdraw $5 a day we need from you 7 $5 bills. You can set up the bank account on Saturday July 8 at the trailer pack-up day.

Wild life in camp:

You can expect to confront the most fiercest creature that populates Yawgoog. The mini-bear (Tamis Striatus). Mini-bears will destroy you gear looking for contraband. Don’t let their cuteness fool you. These are elusive hunters of candy, chips and all things good. Chipmunks can’t be trusted.
Scouts may encounter skunks as well. We have not had an incident in all the years we have gone to Yawgoog. If you leave then alone they leave you alone. All the other wildlife we have here on Long Island lives in Rhode Island. If your quiet,You can expect to see some deer in camp.

A typical Day –

Wake up at 7:00am, clean tent and do choirs, Flag ceremony, breakfast, 9:00am 1st merit badge class, 10:30 2nd MB class, 12 lunch, field activities, 2:00pm 3rd MB Class, 3:30 4th MB class, down time in camp, Dinner, Evening activities, 11:00pm lights out.
The schedule for the first time campers after breakfast is different everyday. However, their daily activities will always start at the picnic tables in Kit Carson campsite right after breakfast.

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