White Water Trip – Saturday June 4

Hello Troop 349!
I wanted to give out some details for those going on the Whitewater Trip this weekend:
1.We will meet at 5:15 AM on Saturday morning behind James Crest Florist in Smithtown.  It will take about 3 hours to get to Whitewater Challengers (http://www.whitewaterchallengers.com/lehigh/lehigh-whitewater.asp )
2.Bring a bag lunch for Saturday.  Remember to put it inside two Ziploc bags (bag in a bag).  The lunches go in a bucket that goes in the raft and we want them to stay dry (unlike us! )
3.We will be eating dinner and breakfast at WhiteWater Challengers.  We will have a box lunch prepared for us on Sunday.
4.After bicycling on Sunday, I would expect that we get back to Nesconset about 6 PM.  We will be picking up at Nesconset Plaza on Smithtown Boulevard because of Smithtown Day.  This is by the Nesconset library.
5.For biking on Sunday, each scout must have a helmet to ride.   The trip is very flat and not strenuous at all.
6.A day pack to wear on the bike on Sunday is useful to hold your lunch and drink while biking.
7.All scouts needing advancement sign-offs should bring their scout books.
8.Scouts will not be allowed electronics once we get to Whitewater Challengers.  No Phones. No Ipods. No Gaming Players.  No Electronics. You can do it for a weekend!
9.Scouts should bring:
a.     Bathing suit – suggest wearing Saturday morning
b.    Change of clothes (maybe even two )
c.     A hat – but NOT your Smithtown troop hat! ( it might get washed away! ).  A Yawgoog hat is fine.
d.     Sleeping bag
e.     Towel ( they do have showers there as well )
f.     Sneakers (for the campsite and biking)
g.    Sunscreen / Bug repellant
h.    Any spending money ( there is a gift shop and they sell ice cream in the camp as well )
i.     A raincoat/jacket for warmth and in case it rains
j.     Scout Spirit!!

10.What to expect: Please sleep in the car, (the driver will appreciate it). When we arrive we will be assigned a campsite.  Sometime after that we will go and check in and get a full wetsuit and booties.  After that we will get life jackets and be assigned a bus for the ride to the river.  next several hours we will be on the river.  Back to camp where there will be lots of activities you can participate in.  Sunday is biking the trail along the river.

Based on the past years of going, I know we are going to have a great time!
Scoutmaster Sean

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