The new BSA 2016 Rank Requirements Information Page is here!

At the Wednesday’s February 3rd 2016 meeting, Mr. Pelis did a presentation on the changes to the BSA Rank Requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2016.  These changes impact every rank and they were made to align the program to trends in American Life.  The changes can be summarized

  • Service to the Community
  • Duty to God 
  • Leadership
  • Personal Fitness (Both is Exercise as well as Nutrition)

BSA decided (wisely) to allow the scouts that are working on a rank complete that rank under the old requirements so as to not add extra work . We have set up several resources to help you and you parents understand what the new requirements are and get information you need to be successful in your Scouting journey.  Please see the new 2016 Advancement page (Underneath the Advancements Page) for the presentation, documentation and a discussion forum where you can ask questions.  I hope you find it useful.

2016 Advancement Information Page



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