NoBeBosCo Patrol Cooking

Hello Troop 349,

This weekend we will be heading to NoBeBosCo for a fun winter campout! This campout will be patrol cooking which for those who don’t know means patrols made just for this weekend
plan, buy and prepare/cook their own dinners. Guides/Patrol Leaders are responsible for making sure their patrol has food, the rule of thumb is to spend about $10 per person in the patrol, and
if you save your receipts you will be reimbursed. The patrols are as follows…

Patrol 1
Jack Drago – Guide

Rocco Sergio – Patrol Leader
Alex Gnoffo
Andrew Hwang
Matthew Gemmell

Patrol 2
George Orr – Guide
John Gemmell – Patrol Leader
Matthew Lasher
Yash Merchant
Max Melendez

Patrol 3
Tyler Hans – Guide
CJ Caputo – Patrol Leader
Brendan Halloran

Nicholas Feliciano
Matthew Sirulnick

Patrol 4
Joey Merlino – Guide
Tim Sigismonti – Patrol Leader
Chris Sanders
Donovan Degree
Even Sanders

Patrol 5
Tom Eharhard – Guide
Luke Amato – Patrol Leader
Melvin Cheng
Daniel Hwang
Daniel Keenen

If anyone has any questions you can reach me at matthewverrelli or 631-513-7436, see you all tomorrow morning!

~Verrell the SPL

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