New message from Jim Lasher’s Troop 349 class

From Mr. Merchant: Whitewater Lunch Request Here are the choices I have received. Still waiting for many.
Please send me your choices latest by tomorrow 4PM. I do need to send this to them by tomorrow evening. If I do not get your choices by Friday 5/25 4PM – I will default it to PB&J. Thank you!!
Name / Choice
Troy DeLorenzo / Ham & Cheese Priya Merchant / PB&J Justin Weisberg / PB&J Jim Byrne / Roast Beef & Cheese Alexander Gnoffo / Roast Beef & Cheese Liam Taracido / Roast Beef & Cheese Michael Neglia / Roast Beef & Cheese Aidan Fuchs / Roast Beef & Cheese Allison Byrne / Turkey & Cheese Connor Krikau / Turkey & Cheese Christine Fuchs / Turkey & Cheese Prashant Merchant / Veg Cheese Yash Merchant / Veg Cheese Giselle Cappuccio / Veg Cheese
Not yet received…. James Connick (Ryan Connick) John O’Brien (Randi Cohen-o’brien) Billy Connick (Ryan Connick) Bobby Connick (Ryan Connick) Ryan Connick (Ryan Connick) James Flynn Ryan Ramchand (Brenda Ramchand) RJ Campisi (Rich Campisi) Anthony Panchuk Rich Campisi (Rich Campisi) Tegan Postel (Keith Postel Renee Case Postel) Mike Ehrhard (Kathy Knehrhard) Ed Ehrhard (Kathy Knehrhard) Andrew Filippone (Cristina Egrie Filippone) Lucas Cotsalas (Nick Cotsalas) Keith Cappuccio Arin Tilara (Rukmini Tilara) Michael Brady (Maria Brady)

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