[BSA Troop 349] Comment: “New message from Mr. A. Bodor’s Smithtown Troop349 class”

New comment on your post “New message from Mr. A. Bodor’s Smithtown Troop349 class” Author: Steven Landau (IP:, c-73-206-82-145.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) Email: slandau5898@att.net URL: Comment: Hello Mr. Bodor,
My name is Steve Landau. I am the first Eagle Scout of Troop 349, from 1971! This is incorrectly stated on the troop website. I have a few items the Troop might be interested in. I still have the Original Eagle Patrol flag, with award pennants still attached to it. I have pictures from when the Troop went to Gardner’s Island in the summer of 1972 (?) Any many patches from camping trips the troop went on, such as Polar Bears, etc…from the 1971–1974 time frame. I would love to done this historical info to the Troop. Please let me knowo hw I can make this happen.
Steve Landau
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